• We will go to any lengths to install your brand

  • Creative light is our specialty

  • Illumination is our craft

  • Illuminated imagery sells your product

  • Imaginative 3D printing for striking logos, feature installations and more

  • We design, manufacture and install purpose built lighting

  • Make impact and tell your story visually

  • We manufacture to exacting standards

  • We supply and install the very latest LED technology

  • Fun, creative light for special applications

  • Craftmanship and detail applied to all locations

  • Add light, colour and movement to your business

  • We enjoy working in partnership with our valued customers

  • Make a splash and be seen

  • Present your product with light and flare

  • Stand out from the clutter

  • Working in partnership with our customers, Australia wide

What we do

For our regular customers we not only maintain their standards by understanding their needs and will completely manage a project if requested.
Our staff are experienced, highly skilled and produce quality outcomes using proven methods and the latest techniques, technology and materials.
We work with architects and designer’s concepts,or provide a full design capability developing creative solutions based on your brief and an understandingof your brand.
We install signs on multi-story buildings, busy city streets,office environments, wherever required and provide ongoing maintenance programmes.