Feature Lighting: LED, Cold Cathode & Neon Lighting

Feature lighting can be used directly or indirectly to artistically complement an environment, enhance architecture, or create a specific atmosphere.

No matter what ambiance you’re aiming for, be it: high impact, dramatic, entertaining, bright, colourful, eye catching, subdued or serious, aesthetically pleasing environments can all be created with the correct use of feature lighting.

Neon Signs and Feature Lights

Sometimes you want to really turn heads. Neon signs will achieve maximum impact. Stand out from the crowd by creating a striking brand image which is visible 24 hours a day. Neon is bright and attractive, it is reliable and long lasting, cost effective and maintains its colour and brightness. Choose from over 50 colours and let Major Graphics create your neon sign to your custom neon sign requirements. Neon signs grab attention, and always will.

LED Feature Lighting

Invigorate your space with innovative and imaginative LED feature lighting. LEDs produce very little heat, are low maintenance, energy efficient and easy to install in Kit form available from Major Graphics. They are also very compact and available in warm and cool white as well as a multitude of single colour and RGB colour changing options. Use an RGB LED colour controller to produce different colours and effects like flash, strobe or fade.

Flexible LED ribbon can be used standalone or in conjunction with extruded aluminium housing profiles. Choose to imbed, expose or conceal, install as under shelf or as cabinet lighting. LED feature lighting can be used for retail, corporate office lighting, signage, cove lighting and fluorescent replacement.

Talk to Major Graphics about our custom design LED kits, cut to length, ready to connect and plug in. Choose from our range of flexible LED ribbons and aluminium housings or LED Neon Tube for Indoor and outdoor applications. 

Cold Cathode Lighting

Cold cathode lighting is very popular. Find it in shopping centres to hotels, bars and restaurants to commercial buildings. Cold Cathode feature lighting offers a dynamic array of glow effects to highlight and emphasise architectural features. Whether used in ceilings, walls or any physical space cold cathode lighting is popular because these custom tubular lights can be shaped into any design you or your architect dream up.

Characteristics of Cold Cathode lighting are long life and high maintained brightness that does not deteriorate from repeated switching or flashing. The lights are energy efficient and guarantee a long sustained life and are available in a large range of colours. Whether exposed or concealed or incorporated into a unique mood enhancing effect cold cathode tube lighting is a great choice.

Speak to us about architectural and design options utilising:

Like our signage, all of our design and manufacturing process is done in-house in Melbourne adhering to strict quality controls.

Seen the light?

At Major Graphics, we’re always happy to have an obligation free chat about what you may need for signage and feature lighting. We may even suggest a visual solution that you hadn’t contemplated. Cold Cathode tube lighting and Neon signs are made at our premises in Fairfield. Come along and see the array of colours and shapes and let us assist you in a designed feature lighting or illuminated neon or LED solution.

Call us on (03) 9417 6000 or contact us online to talk neon, LED and cold cathode feature lighting.

Our suite of visual solutions does not stop there. We also provide indoor and outdoor LED screenswindow films and wall graphics and urban art installations.